Thursday, September 2, 2010


The newest people video premiered the other night at the Oakley head quarters in Lake Forest. Somehow some of the ZDC managed to get on the guest list ... go figure right. It was a blast though with great snowboarding free food and of course an open bar it was the recipe for a rad night. Here are some of the pictures we snapped.

we met up at Active Brea 
On the way there we got in a race, It turns out is was Desiree in her new car!
we lost
"yes, men should have mustache and women should stay in kitchen"
It's nice ... but not that nice

we got there and skated in the parking lot for a bit, Kyle and I had a double kickflip contest
I cheated don't tell
pocketed a dollar in dimes and nickels 
they had rocket chairs,
a snazzy snack bar,
and their very own chocolate bars.
Holy Shit! Tall Todd AND Brandon Matteson!?

Futo was drunk, or just really excited, its hard to tell at times.
but jacob had his back?
Joe Sexton had the ender, strictly bangers!
what's a video premier without lovely ladies?

Holy shit! its seth Seth Huot

Holy Shit! its JP Walker.

ya just don't try to snake seats from Mike Hakker
Have you seen his banger in Peep Show!?

best seats in the house, or compound in this instance

strictly bidness when you own Ashbury Eyewear!

Did Big Mountain Mike like the movie? Judge it for yourself this fall! 

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