Saturday, September 4, 2010

In Color

So this past Thursday night was the In Color Premier at Transworld in Carlsbad. It was quite a trek down there, but well worth it. The Premier was sick to say the least, a solid crew of shredders and friends were is the mix. there was a heated skate session in their new park, kegs and drinks and all around good times. Joe Carlino put together quite a master piece, so you'll want to get one it asap. Hard hitting parts came from Phil Jacques, Spring Break Jake Olson-Elm, Mark Sollars, Keegan Valika, and Mikkel Bang. Ethan Diess and Jake Kuyzk had a nice little cameo in the intro as well. Well friends, here are some photos from the night-

Richie prepping his stallion

With a drive to Carlsbad, gas money donations are in order

Ryan was able to rally after getting his wisdom teeth out

the drive got quite romantic

made it!

we caught up with some of the VG boys

Spring Break Jake means business! House of 1817 and ZDC colab in the future??

Andrew Massey aka coach was in attendence

Holy Shit!! Its JP Walker

too much fun

Ryan Paul was getting too tech on that rail

Lance was poaching my shots so hard

once again, snagged some great seats

if only you knew
afterwards we convinced Ryan Paul to join us for some In N Out
he was skeptical, but he and his girlfriend tagged along 
86 showing us his home for the next month

RP only seconds away from complete ecstasy.
Then we went home, not too eventful after that
the end


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