Saturday, September 25, 2010

hot dogs and hand rails: party update

im a week late but ive been busy gambling and drinking my life away. ive hit rock bottom so ive decided to post all the pictures from last weekend.
i tried to take a picture of the temp, it was 42 degrees!

i arrived at 12 pm friday night and everyone was already raging.  this is so pek my tattoo artist

chris throwing up gang signs

of course i ran into these 2.  check out muscle man behind them

jeremy made a funny face

Jake Kuzyk landing something weird

Mike and Brandon hanging in the VIP tent

Desiree landing the gap. i think it was a frontside 180

Richie hitting on some chicken head

no RP isn't falling he's actually mid flip.  

we went to try and get a better view. all we got was dirt on our butt

Patrick loves to chug smirnoff ice! Erik loves that Patrick loves to chug smirnoff ice!

i met this guy in the bathroom at marderin gardens.  he was strong.

im pretty sure this guy rufied multiple women that night. i saw him humping some random girl

The bloods have a gang sign, the crips have a gand sign, bass wussup has a gang sign, cheese dicks have a gang sign.  i now introduce the ZDC gang sign.(its a pentagram)

somebody was throwing up so harrison helped

desiree and june are wasted. pat is metal

when we went to the hotel pat thought he was in the princess dairies 

"hey im princess diaries"

"hey im in the princess diaries"

Johnny Brady didnt think it was funny.  But cassie thought pat was in the princess diarrheas which was funny.

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