Monday, August 30, 2010


OK first off ..... the reason there is an underscore and not a space in the title is because it was unanimously decided that underscores make things look more professional
 But other than that Ian Jacob Josh and I had a good weekend ... we took some pictures and stuff ... there is some video too so you can watch that later. to sum up the weekend: we went to active, went skateboarding and snowboarded in a parking lot. 

Jacob decided to show up
Josh lookin good
They had a sweet park
Lots of options
Signing our souls
Do you see how dylan his pants are?
This is a drop in

My lace broke
this was scary
Ian fell off the thing

they were shooting a rap video at eldo!
we played disc golf too

Such good form for a beginner
so the bet was if you got a whole in 2 the other person bought dinner.... Ian lost

Ian finally left 

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