Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Oregon Adventure

I went to oregon for about a month and a half this summer and straight up blew it on the blogging. I'm Sorry. I was skateboarding and snowboarding. I didn't really do any filming or take any pictures of snowboarding or really anything productive like that, i just snowboarded and shit. I did manage to take a whole bunch of random pictures from my phone and I would like to show them to you.
This is the airport, a bad place

As soon as we landed we finished our sac lunches, sam wanted every last drop crumb
This is sam's crispy new crapita

Iphone, so hot right now

we spent some time in portland and went to a mall were i though it saw Trevor Jacobs but it turns out it wasn't.

Our hotel gave out condoms. I never got to use one.
This lady Bug landed on me.

This is a tunnel.
"Do i have to take all the bolts off?" - Oliver Bacharach 
He still thinks curbs are for pussies.
Day time campfire

I wanted to start a portfolio of random people sleeping, so far i have this guy 

backside of hood.

Then I left and went to the airport in a car like this one!

When I returned to home we all went down to surf city to meet up with some radical people from Sabre, a awesome eyewear company they make glasses like these ones! ............... CHECK THEM OUT! HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Sam and Ryan both looking Damn good.

After Sabre we cruised over a Krochet Kids. They have a lot of sick stuff going on there and its all for an amazing cause. The stuff the have comming out this fall will change the way you looked at head comfort  go HERE to check some of the stuff the got going on right now. And if thick knits are not your thing, just wait.

But the best part of my entire trip is coming back to all the great people on the 405.

... Thanks for looking at this 

- Richie

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