Saturday, January 9, 2010

Volcom PBRJ

So basically the ZOMBIE DEATH CREW threw down all night long. it was only Richie Conklin and Ian Dodds that showed up but nun the less shut the contest down. it was a simple set up a tube thing, a long down rail, and a flat box. Ian started the night off in the 15 and under division looking like a man amongst boys with a tail press that could hide a small child. he continued his slaughter through finals all the way to take a hands down first place!

Next was the 16 and over were Richie was more like a boy amongst men... were talkin full grown facial hair but he held his own making it to finals and then taking an unexpected 4th place finish.... They both quilified for the 30,000 dollar championships in mammoth at the end of the season

266 kids tryin to get rad

Ian 1st!

Richie 4th good friend Ryan in 5th!

.....more pictures to come........

mt. highs edit of the event

Volcom's 2010 Peanut Butter & Rail Jam from Mountain High Resort on Vimeo.

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