Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As all of us southern Californians watched the mother of all storms bound the greater LA region and constantly checked all the local mountain websites for any glimpse of what was going on in the higher elevations and waking up at 4 to check the roads with sour disappointment or not having much shot or getting up there friday or Saturday, we pulled out the trump card and made it official that we were getting up to Mt. Baldy no matter what. So most of the homies gathered in beautiful Yorba Linda to get ready for the day of gnarly pow shred that awaited us.

-We decided to start the night off at Bucca de Bepo were we had the kitchen table .... NBD

Tom was the man.


happy camper

used Grand Theft Auto ...  thats how we do

your looking at Ryan Irvin (ping pong champ) ... he has one hell of a game face

-Off to baldy at 5 am.

you wouldn't think this was an hour from the beach

 Baldy chairs are sketchy...

Southern California?

Jacob Doesn't like wearing lots of clothes

were will dino be next!

- On The way down we spotted this wall ride thing, we got right to the fun

massive drop

super air!

for Bradshaw

kyle getting blunted!

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