Sunday, November 13, 2011


When i got into Mammoth Jeremy was still at work.
Call and ask for him, Dominos Mammoth lakes (760)934-5555
We hit some spots around town its nice to see snow on the ground
I drew Richie at the college
 9 people in a studio apartment it was a good time.
 Ready to go ride.
 Richie mid kick flip in snowboard boots
 Dick Conklin drinking pepsi parti "soda"
  2 girls 1 cup
 Ryan and Jeremy have matched since the 4th grade, believe it or not.
Ian really enjoying that banana.
 "we can be tunnel kids"
 Ian going full speed to ice slide.
 Keep an eye out for Beer Savage.
 Ian brought up an amazing laser pointer so we had a night of mischief.
I unfortunately had to leave for work, it was a foggy ride out.
Thank you Jeremy, Nirvana and Anastazia for letting us sleep at your house and have fun!

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