Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Rest of Hood

So our summer at hood is over. Done. Dead. Just like my hopes and dreams. However, this summer was fucking amazing. Words can't describe the copious amounts of fun we had with snowboarding, skating, friends, new people, antics, and destruction. Here is some more pics that slightly touch on our times.

Jon Stark's Working for the City Premier

My diet.

Another typical night coming to a close

Ian Dodds, the man, the myth, the legend, the PEC!
back in action only a week after surgery

Portland always has a good time with good food to offer.

Richie got around to some stunting in the city

Twas a scorcher, so he went for a little dip

Ian even got pitted

We came home to a typical Oliver

Of course it will!

And who do we have here!?

The Tranny Finder's very own Dylan Trewin!
He called it a night early... poor guy.

Treballs obviously couldn't hang.

Ian, Jordan and I hiked up the park one day, I'm not
in anywhere as good as shape as those two.

First glimpse of the ZDC warehouse

Richie broke his board

and so did I

So I quit snowboarding.

Doddsey just on the prowl for that free treat

My buddy Jordan Basurto cleaned my hair up
for me

Believe or not, Richie front boarded
this rail at a rest stop at three in the morning.

We arrived in Weed at 6am slept in there for 2 hours

Then skated this extraordinary park for quite some time.

Don't bother stopping in Sacramento

20 hours later and still going strong.

Summer is over. Winter is months away. This sucks. Bye.

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  1. Good times. Good friends. And for just pennies a day.